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Entry 25. Philosophy, History And Economics Otaku: Glam Rock Documentary.

2020-08-04 Zarathustra's Serpent released another episode of his series on pop music going starting from what led to the sixties and now reaching glam in 70s. The next video is going to be about Bowie. Though I do not care much for sixties or pop music in general this has been a very interesting series. The momnent of music is gone for now so an archivist historian like ZS can go back and see what it was all about as nothing new is being added to the world of music of the English speaking world and the west in general. Even though I have no interest in the music it is interesting to see how it all fits together with reoccuring characters whom I had never heard about and the unlikely sources of pop music. For me it is all pop music from Rock n' roll onwards maybe even from Jazz. Most people do not even care about these musical tribes now anyway and a sort eccletism seems to have taken over music audiences where they just like certain singles or albums or musicians from various disparate musical tribes without caring about any subculture in particular. It is nothing special just like being diehard of a football(i.e. Soccer for Americans) or being into basketball players or baseball teams. It is not something that usually takes over all of someone's life as a viewer but just another interest which is not that special at all.

The people in Glam movement I think showed exactly this about pop music that it is mainly about evoking sex with some style hopefully. Another element throughout this series which I in retrospect seems obvious but hadn't occured to me is about how pop music was a lot about trying to replicate that glamour of hollywood stars who played a single type of character but this time just more compartmentalised with less said and so more upto the imagination of the music listeners. There used to be a time when it was widely popular to pirate music but now that isn't the case as much anymore. Part of it is music streaming services like spotify and youtube but a lot of it I think is that with the internet music finally became irrelevant both in a literary sense and a pornographic sense. The internet is full of snippets of thoughts expressed with some style available in an even shorter medium than the 3 minute song/single music format.

The pornographic format of pop music also can't compete with the many short pornographic videos available on the internet. I mean why watch some guy pretend to have sex with his guitar in a guitar solo or watch a halfdressed female musician when you can just rub a quick one out and free yourself to do something else? As for the subculture aspect, the thing which was attractive about hollywood stars and then pop stars is that they were more or less ordinary people who had been made worthy of forming subcultures around them by the media. This quintessentially American pioneering sense of having access to a new land to form a new subculture now has moved on from cinema to music to the internet.

The problem with basing a subculture around a musical trend is that when the trend is gone so is the structure of the subculture as there is nothing to look forward to except an endless repetition or atleast attempts at repeating that moment when the fire was still burning and it was hot. David Bowie was able to recreate himself a few times and so sustain a subculture around him for longer than he should have. Goethe is a bit like this too.

As for this doc in particular I think glam, the mods etc... were a justified rebellion against the drabness of male clothing and the life which entailed those clothing. And what more they were honest about it unlike the hippies, modernists etc... But did it succeed? For a while for those who were in it, it did but the drabness simply pretended to give ground and just keeps taking over and the vacuum of idleness and tedious work of a draf-animal-like-life is being filled by violence and a desire to worship someone so that some of the glamour of the object of worship may be reflected back on to the worshippers.

Luke Smith recently did a video about how youtube has a recency bias. Sadly because of this people like Zarathustra's serpent who work so hard on their videos receive less attention than the latest trash. Most of the content that gets pushed out frequently including this blog is simply repetition so Zarathustra's serpent is one of the few people doing original content.

Japanese Language Otaku: Katakana practice & Kagero

I practiced writing Katakana out of curiosity today even though I can't remember Hiragana yet. Katakana seems easier to write than Hiragana though I have heard they are harder to remember cause they are used more sparsely than Hiragana. I would like to start practicing writing Japanese but given that I can't recognize the letters yet that is gonna be hard. First of all I somehow need to memorize the Japanese Alphabets so that I can read something even if I don't know how to write it.

I found out that the Kageru app from f-droid has Katakana and Kanji quizzes as well. I am going to practice writing Hiragana again. Eventually my goal is to be able to read and write Japanese but that's a long way far off though.

Japanese word of the day: Shosetsu (小説) means novel.

AniManga vn, ln, wn otaku: Nagatoro, one small step for man

Please Don't Bully Me Nagatoro Chap. 65. Sempai managed to call Nagatoro by her first name in a fever-induced haze. I hope this development sticks.

Rent a Girlfriend chap 151. I really don't like this story. This stupid lie has gone on too long and grandma hasn't died yet for too long.

Owari No Seraph chap 93. I read this manga for the uniforms the characters wear. Nothing else really matters and given that this was a flashback there weren't enough uniforms.

Inuyasha episode 66 to 67. I have kind of grown to like Kagura. At first I thought she looked pretty lame but now she is probably the sexiest girl in Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru has sort of become boring and aimless. I have been told that he becomes nothing more than a caretaker for that little girl. That's a pity. Nakaru seems to have a weakness which is a good thing. It was kinda disappointing to see that Inuyasha can easily beat Kagura now that he has his powerup without any strategy or tricks. It is strange for Nakaru to spare Kagura. He just doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would do that. I hope he has some reason for sparing her.

Sousou no Frieren Chap 13. Frieren has sort of become cuter whereas the other girl has become annoying especially since "Stark-sama" showed up. I guess she prefers the sort of big dicked hero type guy. Boring chapter. The flashbacks are kind of getting old and forced. Somehow it doesn't feel like Frieren's oil party was that much fun.

Mangaka Otaku: Kaishou Rintarou, J.J. Systems

The main antagonist is going to be Kaishou Rintarou the CEO of the J.J. Systems Telecomunics Corporation. The main love interest is going to be the Kaishou's daughter, an ojousama type of character. Kaishou runs the country's social media and news sites and along with the government and Prosecutor's Office decides which stories get promoted and which get censored. The law which allows him to this is, is the "Internet Child Exploitation And Hate Speech Prevention Act" Kaishou is a globalist who eventually wants the world to be under one global government in which educated bureaucrats get to decide policy for the greater good of the world in order to prevent things like global warming, racism and war.

The Darakuron Library is the main opposition to Kaishou Rintarou and the Act. It is a library estabilished and chartered by the monarchy hundreds of years ago in a time when the monarchy and aristocrats were more decadent, flamboyant, dandy-ish, artistic and less austere which supports free speech and so opposes the censorship act as stiffling. The monarchy still supports the Darakuron Library out of a sense of tradition and has resisted calls by NGOs, the media and the parliament to strip the Darakuron Library of its Royal Charter which allows it to circumvent the laws on prevention of hateful speech and depictions of children in sexualised drawings. The monarchy have however on all other issues capitulated to these groups in an attempt to appease them and also because they are unable to defend their valid views with reason rather than as tradition.

Body-Building Otaku: I am tired.

I spent most of the day filing a damned block of metal for no other reason than to get a stamp from authorities. Anyway at least it was exercise for my right hand anyway. I spent most of the day standing which was awful then I walked back 2.64km according to the pedometer app I got off f-droid for my android phone. I wanted to more exercising and looked up some exercises online but I fell asleep even though yesterday I went to sleep even before 2am to wake up at 6am. Today I am going try and go even further beyond by going to sleep at least a minute before 1am so that hopefully tomorrow I can do some exercise of my own after all that damned filing. I was too tired to revise too which is there is there is no Aircraft Engineering Otaku. The same goes for the mobile top up machine application I was supposed to fill.

Entry 24. Japanese Language Otaku: Kakugo on F-droid

2020-08-03 I did an Hiragana Quiz on the open source android app on the f-droid store. No advertisement and no bloat unlike the Japanese learning apps on the God forsaken play store. I can remember around five hiragana now which isn't bad for someone with a bad memory like mine.

In addition to the 46 or however many Hiragana there are also horizontal quotation marks called dakuten and a tiny circle called Dakuten which totally change how the hiragana is pronounced so there are more Hiragana to remember lol.

Even if I can't remember Hiragana yet I want to start practicing Katakana too as I want to get used to them too. Nothing deep I am just gonna write them down one by one.

Learning Kanji seems to be the Holy Grail of Japanese language noobs like me.

Japanese Cooking Otaku: Bento Basic Ingredients

I would rather not spend any more money I do not have but I am going to need a bento lunch box if I want to get the right ratio of stuff and prevent it from mixing itself. From what I read online I learned today that the purpose of a bento is not just to look pretty but that it helps to get a healthy ratio of food. Indeed when I think back to my lunch boxes they were either all rice and curry or all pizza or all bread. Not very healthy. The ratio of a bento is half carbohydrates - stuff like rice, whole rains, potatoes, pita chips or wraps, a quarter is proteins - sushi grade raw salmon, tuna, white fish, and finally a quarter vegetables and/or fruits - for vegetables stuff like cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, or cucumber slices and for fruits orange slices, mixed berries, or apple slices. The fruits may also be drizzled in honey for sweetness.

I also learned of a specific type of bento called Ebi Fry or Fried Shrimp which is apparently easy to cook and not too bad on the taste buds on my tongue. Shrimps are kind of meh but as any God fearing American would attest to things taste better when they are fried. Of course I have never met an American let alone a God fearing one but this is what I have been taught about them here in good old bligthy.

Animanga and vwln otaku: I want Vtubers who don't play videogames. I want male And female vtubers.

I have a confession to make. I don't enjoy watching other people play video games that much. Why? I am not sure. Maybe it is because of the dead air but basically it just looks too passive to me. I would rather prefer vtubers to interact with each other in a 3D environment like vr chat which constantly gets more lore and content added to it. I would also like there to be both female and male vtubers on screen as their interactions would be fun. The problem I see when vtubers play video games is that it is just a bit too meta for me, basically it looks like a bunch of avatars playing other avatars in a video game and my brain can't unsee that. There is a disconnect. If the vtubers were in a 3D environment like vrchat and played games as their own avatars then this disconnect would be gone.

Mangaka Otaku: Basic World-Building

An Island City State called Fuyuka City. A constitutional monarchy. The royal family lives at Hiratsuka Palace next to the Ebina River which flows from Haneda Falls at Mount Hikitani. Mount Hikitani stands behind the Hayama Bay. Yukinoshita Harbour where most of the trade to Fuyuka city comes from is situated in the Hayama Bay. The Handakuten circle Rail Line travels around the coast of the city-island-state. Further inland at the foot of mount Hikitani there is a medium sized cobalt mine run by the Kaneda clan. Between the mine and the Hayama bay there is a military base run by the Kaede Clan. Inside the Kaede military base there is the island's only Yuigahama Airport used for both military and mostly civilian travel. The Kaede military has no navy only ground forces with some planes. Also Fuyuka City does not have a military so this is strictly a paramilitary force run by the Kaede clan. The island has very cold summers and very hot summers with mild springs and autumns in between. Subaru Hospital is located close to the largest train station, the Subaru train station, both owned by the Subaru family. Close to Subaru Station there is also the offce and home of the Mori Detective Agency whose detective had made himself a name at being able to solve complicated crimes. A twenty minutes ride from Subaru station on the Handakuten Circle Line and 8 train stops away is the Kagome Court House where very important lawsuits and courcases take place. Closeby again next to the ebina river is the Satou Parliament Building where the House of Lords and the Plaebian Council convene. On the opposite end of the Yukinoshita Harbour in the Hayama Bay is the Tobe Prison where most prisoners are imprisoned. At the top of Mount Hikitani there is Natsuki Shrine where the island's animistic religion is centred.

I will forget all of this but it's good to have written it down as I might just remember a little bit. Maybe I should try drawing some of these locations so that they will stick in my mind. Unfortunately I can't draw well at all but I have got to start somewhere if I want to draw a manga.

Body-building Otaku

I walked from to the college and then back to Perth then from Scone to Scone Airport and then from Scone Airport back to Scone. This is nothing but it is more exercise than I usually get. I installed a pedometer on my phone which will hopefullt let me measure distances that I walk so that I can get a better idea of how much I can walk.

I am going to be doing some filing practical work at scone airport. Basically hand-drilling a godammned piece of metal for no other reason than to get a stamp. This is the reason that formal education is so dispiriting and frankly boring to me. It's not like I will have something physical that I created by the end of this educational course or any other course... Everything is so fragmented. Imagine if from a young age I had worked at school at single project that then I would continue for the rest of my life. Then I would have achieved something by now which is real in the sense that a stamp from educational authorities is not.

I am really lazy and I was in and out of sleep after I came back from the airport but I have got to do some exercise at home even if I don't have any equipment. Equipment is really expensive or maybe it would be more accurate to say that I am broke.

Philosophy, History and Economics Otaku: Luke Smith's HTML and CSS video is out!

Smith's series about independence on the internet is why this website is here at all. I mean if I can't be independent at all in real life I thought I might as well start on the internet. The latest video was alright but unlike the previous ones nothing much that I didn't know already. I learned that the char utf-8 in the meta info is to display non-english characters rather than the other way around. I am looking forward to the next one if and when there will be any. I haven't heard any of any other people who followed his tutorials to make a website.

Aircraft Engineering Otaku: Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Today's lecture was a life-sucking bureaucratic waste of time about coronavirus or COVID-19 as the hacks call it. There was some hogwash about helping us make up for the days that were lost due to coronavirus induced panic. We have to wear suffocating masks that are hard to talk through and the instructors have to wear ridiculous vizers. I couldn't revise anything today but from tomorrow I will have to start to revise heavily module 7 which is the current module and module 6 the module I lied to my parents about passing. It's too late tonight so I will do something about it tomorrow in the unlikely case I am not too tired after the life-sucking dick-flattening lectutres and practicals at the college.

Rather than asking questions in class and testing everyone's patience I should ask questions from instructors via email. Email is the final, perfect form to annoy people with work that they didn't ask and do not want by people who they couldn't care less about.

Entry 23. Japanese Language Otaku: All Systems Are Green

2020-08-02 There is a website called itazuraneko by the djt(daily japanese thread) on the /jp/ board. On a sidenote /a/ would have been a much better board if all the stuff in /jp/ was on /a/. Anyway I read the starter guide. itazuraneko has a bunch of copyrighted material but I don't really care about that because copyright is nonsense and "intellectual" property is a perversion of property rights. If I buy a book, a novel, an anime or whatever I should be able to do anything I want to it because otherwise I don't really own what I bought and instead am just renting it. This has been made worse by online streaming services so I am glad to see that some people are willing not to toe the line and assert their property rights through online piracy.

Anyway I learned that there are three alphabets for the Japanese language. The Hiragana and Katakana which collectively are known as the Kana and Kanji. Hiragana is used for stuff that has no kanji, Katakana for loan words and emphasis and Kanji are symbolistic. There are 46 Hiragana and 46 Kana. There are thousands of Kanji. The advantage that an organic language like Japanese or for that matter English over top-down languages like Esperanto is that they require an intelligent population in order to be used and so are conductive to such a civilisation. The same is true for Imperial measurements over metric measurements and even more true of the complicated system of currency in the UK which meant that the average Briton had to have and so had a better grasp of maths than the oversimplified dumbed down system of £1=100p which like the metric system was adopted top-down from a less intelligent civilisation. Something very similar but totally different has happened to computing which given the lowering of the technical skill needed to use a computer, especially the move away from commandline utilities and programs to GUI widgets means that computing has totally has gotten worse.

Japanese books including manga read up to down, right to left. Kanji are made of radicals of 200 or so radicals. It is important to get the order of the strokes when writing Japanese characters especially characters to maintain a minimum level of legibility so I practiced writing all Hiragana today. I don't think I remember much of them yet though unfortunately. I will continue going through the links of the itazuraneko starter guide page one by one.

Small Business Otaku: The Small Skimmed Milk is 70p

I lost a skimmed milk sale because I misremembered the price of the small skimmed milk as 1.20 GBPs rather than 70p. Got some change from the barber next door so maybe I should get a haircut there but frankly I would rather learn to cut my own hair.

I woke up at 6am and was at the shop on time but it took me a while to feel awake as I had gone to sleep at 4am. I should try to go to sleep at least before 3am if I want to get up at 6am.

I was able to beg mother to transfer £50 to my account to keep this bloody site up. This is the downside to renting a vps rather than just using wordpress.com's demented user interface. She hasn't still transferred it but I will get it somehow. I was able to get $3 promotion by following and tweeting at the official vultr(my vps) twatter account.

Tomorrow hopefully we are gonna be able to correct the loan application but I am not gonna be at home so I don't know whether it's gonna get done.

For some reason mother wants me to tell the bank to shorten the fixed deposit's period even though in a year we are not gonna get a better deal because of the retarded nationalistic, protectionist government in Sri Lanka is gonna wreck the economy even further beyond.

I sent an email to a service called 3rtelecom in order to get a mobile voucher top up machine for the shop because no one else is doing anything about it except whinning about lost sales because we don't offer mobile top up vouchers and the guy who used to bring us top up cards has disappeared into the fucking ether.

Prices for everything at the shop are increasing. This is the result of the easy credit the government provided. We better get that loan quickly and spend it on something that has some actual worth before the inflation kicks in.

I sent 700 GBP to SL because of the exchange rate is good because the government in Sri Lanka is somehow even worse than the British government.

Japanese Cooking Otaku: I need a Bentou.

From tomorrow I will be eating cold pasta with sugo and dried sandwich bread slices with butter and marmite for lunch everyday at college. Basically a fate worse than death. The food at the colege cafetaria makes me fat and the food at the Touchdown Cafe is expensive and makes me fat, the worst of both worlds. Those lunch boxes that high schoolers in anime eat always look so good and edible so I really want to learn to make a bentou, I think that's what they are called. I may not be a master chef but if I a high schooler in Japan can make them so can I. If it succeeds it would be the culinary equivalent of Moses parting the seas and freeing the slaves to a diet of mana.

Anime, Manga, VN, LN Otaku: Hololive hit by tumourous video game companies including the nintendo tumour.

I don't follow hololive and vtubers often but a lot of videoes have had to be privated because anti-creative video game companies tried to shut down a bunch of let's plays by hololive vtubers. Hopefully this means that these games get less attention. Hololive vtubers should have stuck to playing open source games. Sure there are only a few decent ones but they ought to be supported. I recently found an angrybirds clone on the f-droid store.

Mangaka Otaku: Modus Operandi

I don't know anything about drawing manga but the problem with just following manga drawing tutorials online is that they are kind of disconnected from the task of actually drawing a manga. Even if I follow a series of youtube tutorials by the end of it I am not going to end up with a complete manga.

Let's start with the setting. I can't be bothered to do any actual research so the two options for the setting are either a generic Japanese highschool or a generic isekai fantasy setting. The generic highschool sounds easier to draw but the generic fantasy feels easier to write. How about a fictional city? How about a fictional city-state island? Yeah that sounds right. I don't know anything about romance so I will stick to politics. Something like a few factions trying to rule over a fictional city sounds like an easy way that even an amateur like me could generate conflict. Also the fact that it is just a city means that I don't have to worry about how characters travel long distances. Also because it is an island I don't have to worry about the surrounding fictional states.

Off the top of my head for no reason whatsoever the city is going to be named Fukuya City. Fukuya sounds Japanese although I don't know if it is actually Japanese or not. There is going to be one busy harbour controlled by one faction.

Entry 22. Anime Otaku: Some YouTube Comments I made today.

2020-08-01 Here is a comment I made on youtube which youtube's faulty algorithm keeps deleting:

Millenium Actress is just literally about a retarded actress seeing things which are not there, nothing great. The stakes are so low in this story that there are no stakes. Oh yeah it has pretty colours so sakugafags who are the cancer killing anime like it.

The retarded message of Perfect Blue was just that muh idol culture is bad and muh rape is bad. Hardly anything revolutionary. There aren't many good anime thrillers and since weebs don't watch American/British/European thriller films or read English thriller novels so the wapanese think it is a great thriller.

Grave of the fireflies is just misery porn and nauseatingly heavy-handed propaganda against juvenile violence in Japan.

Nausicaa similarly is cheap environmentalist propaganda with pretty colours and cardboard cutout characters and the beginning of Miyazaki's descent into senile childishness. Literally his only good film I have seen is Princess Mononoke with his Lupin film being passable. Howl's moving castle is just pretty colours. The rest is probably pedo shit not that I care but Miyazaki fans get their knickers in a twist when it is told to them. I mean spirited away is literally pretty colours about how little kids are great and adults are gross. Porco Rosso and his latest plane film have less depth to them than the Kantai collection anime where otaku want to fuck WWII Japanese battleships. The only really good anime that Miyazaki made is that Future Boy Conan adventure series. Maybe this means that he would have done a better job as a anime series director than an anime film director.

Stories like Detective Conan and the Sherlock Holmes series which it is based on are more about the puzzle aspect of the crimes more than anything else. They are not about shock-effect or muh message unlike stories like Perfect Blue. It's all about trying to see if you can figure out who the criminal is using the hints with a few comedic gags in between. The sheer number of puzzles to guess are a treat and not a con. At least due its sheer length its main cast has a better lore to them than most anime. Also I learned more about modern day Japan from this anime than from any other anime.

As for Satoshi Kon, it is good that he died before he could make any more films given how bad Paprika turned out. Speaking of Kon, Tokyo God Fathers was trash too. Given all the coincidences that kept on happening I felt like I was watching a retarded version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Literally the average American Christmas movie is better than that and they are usually horrible. The Dissapearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya is trash too but it is probably the best Christmas anime given that the competition is lower than the Mariana Trench.

If you want to see pseudo-philosophy then go watch Ergo Proxy or that snorefest, literally chloroform in animation called Technolize(or however that illiterate anime title is spelled).

As for Eva it is one of the few good mecha anime. There is no hippie make peace not war shit like in Gundam. No super over-powered robot which can defeat anyone without taking any real damage. No boring sleep-inducing on the ground military warfare like in the 08th MS Team or War in the Pocket Gundam. No retarded idols singing in space. The original SDF Macross is good despite the idol shit and certainly not because of wincest Lynn Minmay. No double-digit IQ motivational speaker cancer like in Gurren Lagaan. No asexual boring shounen protagonists who literally have no fear and are the idea of a good character of a 12 year old boy with developmental issues. No 69 Dimensional chess which basically amount to having the more powerful super robot like in Code Gayass noodle people.

Plenty of real issues which the audience face are discussed in a serious manner rather than distant abstract sci-fi and simple minded scare-mongering nonsense which you normally get in mecha.

The philosophy stuff was pretty simple and straightforward if you ignore the overthinking nonsense by Eva fans. Also this is an action story not a philosophy lecture and Eva did a great job of balancing the two.

Shinji is a realistic character just because he isn't a light novel harem protagonists or some lobotomised super rational character who somehow knows the anime's script and all the weak points of his enemies that doesn't make him emo in the least bit.

Here are some other comments did not delete but I will post them here anyway. They are my comments after all. Not youtube's whatever it's terms of service might say. All terms of services are meaningless unless you have the money to get a lawyer to get back at a service provider:

Grave of the Fireflies is guiltripping cancer, Akira is a tech demo and Perfect Blue is an okay thriller and the only good film by its director (Tokyo Godfathers and especially Paprika are crap, Paranoia Agent is shockeffect nonsense too though above Perfect Blue). I haven't seen Bennett's Perfect Blue review, why did he not like it?

Here is another comment:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is Good. Neon Genesis Evangelion is good. Area 88 is good. The first episode of Magazone 23 is good. Steins; Gate is good(just the original anime and VN, the rest is bad). Kare Kano is good until the last few episodes when Gainax runs out of money. GunBuster is good (the Dibuster sequel is trash). Ashita no Joe is good. Rose of Versailles is good. Un-Go is good. Detective Conan is good. The first two Lupin iii green jacket series are good(the new overly serious stuff and the Miyazaki film is not good). Princess Mononoke is good but all other Miyazaki films are trash by a director who got more childish as he went senile( Nausicaa of the valley of the wind in particular is heavyhanded environmentalist horseshit dressed up in pretty colours). See I can say nice things about anime.

And here is another comment:

Nausicaa of the valley is propaganda with cartoon villains without any redeeming qualities. The original Lupin series was pretty funny and lupin was a scruffy thief who drove a cheap car, used childish gadgets, and could never get rich, often ended up saving some damsel in distress but never setled, was a lecher but got beaten up by Fujiko (and she often ran away with the haul even though sometimes Lupin would get back at her, was followed around by a similarly comical straight-laced Zenigata who would get into an existential crisis whenever Lupin was in prison or thought to be dead. Jigen was the only straightman, even Goemon was a comical character. Now Lupin is just too slick, too cool looking and so the opposite of what he was. The first season and second season was full of crazy plans including improbable funny-looking contraptions. Now everything needs to be dramatic like a modern James Bond movie or some other crappy thriller or spy novel. It just feels too polished and Lupin looks too cool for too much time whereas the fun in the old series was seen Lupin come out on top (though he wouldn't get the haul) through a ridiculous plan after getting his ass beaten by being too cocky. Zenigata often came up with plans too but they failed comically but whenever another detective came up usually it would be clear that Zenigata was the better detective. I grew up watching this series so it is sad to see how it has started to take itself seriously and just become another thriller novel op protagonist which you can find in many novels.

End of youtube comments.

I should probably back up all my other youtube comments over here little by little because they are getting deleted left and right because I am too hot for youtube. Come to think of it the majority of my writing is in youtube comments. I must have written enough for a book or two over the years. Most of the comments especially on my old account are probably not that good but back then words just came more easily to me so they are still worth preserving. I wonder how much of youtube's popularity is due to its comments. Because it is mainly a video site rather than a message board the comments are generally better because though it does feel good to write a popular comment it doesn't affect your standing on the site. If you are a commenter who does not upload videos then nobody is going to look at the other comments you have posted and search for inconsistencies and hypocrisies across comments on different videos so you are freer to write what you actually think without having to check your thinking whether what you said in the past lines up with what you are writing now. 4chan is like this in a way but youtube comments have the advantage that they are not deleted so you can get replies many months later and there is no frenzy to post something lest the thread gets archived or deleted like on 4chan.

Episode 62 of Inuyasha. The story is going as strong as ever. I am starting to believe that Inuyasha is the best anime of Rumiko Takahashi's manga. The romance melts my heart and cock. None of the cockblocking harem nonsense or the inability of the two protagonists to realize they are in love with each other. At the same time there is no need for them to declare their love for each other by saying "I like you" as if saying those words suddenly changes everything. I hate the kind of anime where the whole romance is about the two characters waiting for the other to say "I like you" as if that seals their fate or something.

I really like how in Inuyasha the protagonists are going on a grand adventure and yet at the same time they are not the centre of the world and the fate of the world does not depend on their quest. There are a bunch of battles happening in the background but Naraku or Inuyasha's party are not trying to affect the result of that war. They don't even care. This is some top tier world building. I hate the kind of isekai stories that are all about the nobles and how will they feel about someone from another world or when the isekaid protagonist has to defeat the demon king or the world will never be the same desu. I really hope the story does not get worse than it is right now.

Philosophy, History, and Economics Otaku: Christianity, gnu/logos

Finally a new episode of Luke Smith's Not Related podcast. Luke was away from the internet for a week which he claims was productive but I miseed his contribution. Hopefully he did some reading. This episode was about how Christianity was not a hostile take over of European paganism by semitic mono-theism because in John's gospel it is implied that Christ is the logos. Specifically at the start I think it says something like "In the beginning there was the Word" the word they are referring to here is the logos because stoics used used to think that proper grammar reflects the structure of the logos. In stoic philosophy the logos was the mechanistic rationality of the universe which we can only slightly grasp through our rational faculties but which implies that everything happens for a reason even though there is no way for us to know what it is. To live according to the logos then is to be like a dog bound to a cart letting itself be dragged forward rather than pulling in the opposite direction of fate, of the logos only to suffer for it. If Christ is logos then to follow Christ is to be like that dog which lets itself be dragged by the cart. Not a very edifying analogy but it is honest at least. Is this not why people like Napoleon who are fated to lose somehow make one feel that they ought to win precisely because they are destined to lose?

I made a very good comment on that video but youtube deleted or maybe didn't even post it. To hell with that site and the retarded mongoloids who code it. Everything keeps breaking all the time. This is what I get for providing free content for somebody else's website. More and more I am starting to feel like all these platforms were a mistake and we should go back to having our own websites. These "user generated content" sites treat their users like trash after leaching off content from them.

Christianity is GNU/Logos. Logos is the kernel Christ runs on you see. Linux distros are Christian sects. Noobuntu is probably Catholicism which makes Canonical the Catholic Church. Systemd is probably Islam as it is taking over GNU/Linux. MacOS is Judaism. Windoze is bugman atheism.

Business Otaku: Nothing Personal

Opened the shop at around 6:35am. Yesterday my mum told me the shop did £2500 of business which is a record. I telephoned her and asked her whether I could turn off the noisy fridge. It feels like I am in an airfield when working in that shop because of the fridge. She said to leave it on till 11:00am by which time I will be gone. There were a lot of newspapers to sort through. I don't most of them sold so I will have to be there tomorrow morning for the returns to be collected. My sister woke me at the last moment so I had to rush. I am gonna set my own alarm from tonight desu.


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