Free Writing #4 : Shounen Fast Food

I wasted the entire day trying to and failing to install a linux distro on virtual box. That’s what linux and open source is for right.

MMO fantasy

The main character from MMO Junkie is way too innocent for me to take her seriously. It is highly unlikely for there to be such a beautiful woman as the MC in her thirties who doesn’t know the power of her beauty.

I hate dramatic irony in general and more so in love triangles when it is obvious who will get together and who

Loli detective

I think the only thing interesting about Gosick is watching that Japanese guy suck up to that blonde haired loli. A similar but better loli detective anime would be Heaven’s memo but that goes nowhere in the end hinting there is more. It kind of reminded me of the Backerstreet boys.

Shounen trash

I am enjoying watching Black Clover a bit. Of course it is all bullshit and the main character is just over powered but the fantasy that a weak man could level his way up is very appealing. It is so obvious that the that girl who called the MC an insect will soon start begging for his cock in a couple of episodes. Frankly it would be more fun if the struggle lasted a bit longer without degenerating into static harem which I can already say it will. I can’t almost blame Black Clover for giving us what we want blatantly without any pretensions like in My Hero Academy or whatever it is called. In the end it is trash and I only watch it because that is what we are watching at uni.

The dub of free is apparently awful. Now we are on that episode where some guy obviously does get drowned. Obvious Cliffhanger is an obvious cliffhanger. Watching anime with others once a week is much more enjoyable than binging it all by myself. I get it’s the feeling of those around getting the point that you what makes communal experiences so validating. Both the loli detective and free were boring.

One thing that can destroy a Shounen trash series is too much exposition. That Mahouka comes to mind (You know that loseces series with Jesus Tatsuya – Incest is only wincest if it blossoms into a romnatic relationship). Oh god this episode of MHA is so slow. That mother really looks like she hasn’t got a life beyond being a mother. I am not a feminist but I can see

I hope that Kacchan doesn’t become a good guy like Vegeta. Although I like Vegeta I can’t see any more character development insight for him.

Sometimes I like the smell under my nails. I can’t be the only one to I wonder why I like it.

How does the left see biases in race and gender everywhere but are somehow blind to the leftwing bias in Academia, the media, the tech sector and government? I guess it is because the shoe doesn’t the other side and because the left sees as it all being determined by circumstances rather than an individual’s thoughts.

Personally I think that MHA should stop trying to address the issue of favouritism because it is obviously present and nobody would care about it unless it was brought up. I hope that next episodes’ fight lasts for least a couple of episodes. I really liked the extra long fight in the Freeza saga.

The series about the human body with cute platelets is soon running out of gimmicks to impress its audience and its getting boring. This is the kind of series that is more suitable to a couple of 1+ hours movies with good production values a year. David Production has done a good job though. I don’t like JoJo because that too seems to be about gimmicks also it must be said dislike the character designs for the men in JoJo. The memes are shit tier too. Except the To Be Continued meme. The romance between the red blood cell and the macrophage seem to be going nowhere. The expository narrations by the woman bad are not that bad but I am not reading them.

I really like the idea of an underground based repelling the attacks from above. Basically EVA. Check out Gear Fighter Dendoh too for another. Anyway this is sort of what happens in the body anime, Cells at Work too.

A more accurate cartoon personifying the inside of the body is that french series I can’t remember but the lives of the cells all feel a lot more meaningless. It’s not a comedy but it is for children. I wonder what the manga of Cells at Work looks like. I believe it should look amazing although I haven’t checked it out because the anime is so episodic and without much of an overarching plot. I can only hope that there will be a build up of a couple of episode to a biig disease. As someone with pollen allergy this episode was an accurate presentation of what a clusterfuck it is.

Anyway my battery is running out. Actually that fucking terminator drug was not a gimmick that I expected though not as much as the sneeze rockets, It really was the end of the world. Lol I am the only one laughing and I am writing. Obviously is the others who have no taste. Fuck only 7% of the battery is left. My cheap laptop’s battery has gone to shit though it took longer than the

Free Writing #3: V for Virgin

Thou shalt not follow a multitude

We live in interesting times. I think that in this climate it is easy to let one’s individuality and thought to dissolve into one of many amorphous blocks of people – especially if one is engaged with events. Right now there are so many systems of government competing for prominence. They all seem to be working but I wonder which will survive the test of time. Will it be the Western democracies with their flailing demographics? Will it be the one party states like China which has shown remarkable adaptability to capitalism during the last few decades? It isn’t clear whether they can keep on making reforms without descending into violent factionalism with members opposed to reform. Plus demographics will soon catch up to them soon. Will the African nations, or at least some crawl out of poverty and overpopulation or will they draw in and overrun Europe too in a Malthusian trap? Will India become a prosperous pluralistic nation or is it all just hype as it was about Russia, South Africa and South America? Will the United States remain economically free enough to remain the world’s most powerful country?

Sometimes I wonder whether homogeneity provides more room for individuality than pluralism but then I look at the suicide rates in Japan, Good Korea, and China. To be fair I think that there is something to be said for the concept of Tatemae. Or in other words the acknowledgement and justification for duplicity in private and public relations. Of course we all do this, but the Japanese have got the guts to call it what it is, Tate-ma-e. I really dislike the way in which it is encouraged to wash dirty laundry in public. Of course in the long run honesty is more sustainable however is this honesty at all? Or is this faking tears for attention and pity? Speaking of pity, it is so freely distributed (and equally as freely withdrawn where politically convenient) that in my rating it has reached junk status.

There are too many group activities at uni. I really disliked group activities in school why do I have to do this? I understand that there is a group aspect in employment but is university nothing more than a preparation for employment. Isn’t an academic supposed to be an earnest solitary figure?

To Do Evil Pro Bono Publico

There is something disgusting about people who profess to live for the sake of others (usually indirectly by saying that you ought live for the sake of others). It’s disgusting on two fronts but really only one. On the one hand it suggests that those who are helped exist for us to look good(in front of God and/or the volk) by helping them and on the other hand it implies that there would be no real virtue if there weren’t helpless people for us to help.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is used to foster neediness and entitlement. I mean if you are constantly told that you need something you might feel like you deserve it and that an injustice has been done to you by others by not giving you everything you desire from them.

Of the Essence

When one factors in ageing to marriage is it even worth as a reliable access to sex? No, there needs to be something more. But what about having children? There are plenty of orphans, why not adopt? Because they don’t share half of your genes? Aren’t you good enough why bother with an imperfect copy of yourself? Death. Death cannot be avoided even a little bit through procreation.

Time and intention are conveniently ignored by expedient social engineers. It’s all monkey see, monkey do. Apparently they see themselves as the only ones capable of critical thought. That is why you need to go to them to be thaught how to think critically.

Classical vs Gothic

Architecture inspired by the ancient Greeks looks pretty (the sculpture on the other hand looks fake and gay) but to me Gothic architecture looks even cooler. The British houses of parliament are the most beautiful buildings I have seen in my life. I also like how they are cramped inside rather than like those massive Lilliputian halls in China, France, Italy, Sri Lanka and elsewhere where politicians sit so far apart from each other as if they were minor gods. The old parliament in Sri Lanka looks good too. It’s a pity they moved into that secluded Chinese-roofed caste-like large concrete block in Kotte. Come to think of it I have never seen how the inside of the Japanese parliament looks like. From the outside it looks unremarkable but respectable. A bit like the Japanese national anthem I guess.

What does the US congress look like? I don’t know but I bet it is something greek-republican looking.. The White house is a lot more identifiable than congress just like the British parliament is more recognisable than no. 10 downing street. This may have something to do with the fact that the US president is the symbol of the unity of the state whereas in the UK and in Japan for that matter this role is fulfilled by a monarch.

V for Virgin

This evening I watched V for Vendetta movie adaptation. I have not read the original so these comments may not apply to the comic book version.

I didn’t expect it to as left-wing as it was. Honestly it seemed like Orwell’s 1984 inverted upside down. In 1984 Big Brother is a God-like figure in an England where Christianity is dead whereas in V the chancellor is pretty much Emanuel Goldstein. An ugly little jew. V too is the opposite of Winston Smith. Whereas Winston is a nothing more than a pathetic censor, a normal middle aged man, V is a sort of superhero.

I wonder whether Vee, a youtber too has named his channel after V.

The irony of that gay comedian being murdered by the secret police for being gaiy and owning a koran is the number of gays who have being murdered in Islamic societies and the actual satirists who have lost their lives for daring to satirize and criticize Islam. Another irony is how unfunny that show for which the comedian gets murdered for is and the fake audiences laughing watching the tele only makes it creepier. A bit like the opposite of the five minutes of hate in 1984.

The most interesting character is the inspector and the least interesting one is the heroine. There are a lot of good things about this movie. The romance is not one of them. I don’t understand why they love each other. Here too the parallels with 1984 pop up as the heroine just refuses to betray V whereas in 1984 Winston and Julia betray each other. The elements of thriller that came with the inspector were fine though.

Another interesting character is the boisterous conservative tv presenter who used to exist in America but has never existed in Britain. This is also in contrast to the now ubiquitous weaselly unmanly figures in the form of America’s late night talk shows such as Oliver whathisname.

Perhaps at the time that this movie was made it was the right rather than the left that was the most censorious and authoritarian but the left-wing too has shown to have no trouble in advocating for limits on speech for the greater good.

I liked the message that this movie was pushing. That ideas are the vector of history. That philosophy is the motor of history. But throughout the movie this was contradicted by the need for violence and action.

All the good characters look beautiful and the evil one’s are as ugly as sin. The halo effect was strong in this one.

Another thing that struck me is how despite it being an evil dictatorship the people don’t seem poor or shabby at all whereas most totalitarian states are poor and ugly and not full of fancy technology. China is an exception to the rule but let’s see for how long first.

Zizek often brings up valid points for a left-wing philosopher he sees that the day after the parliament is blown up is a blank and as recent examples such as Lybia have shown perhaps it may turn out that dictatorship by a little man was better.

Free Writing #2: Lolita Reloaded, Mark Rand, Players Going Their Own Way, Normies Get Off Of My Books REEEE…

First they came for the paedophiles

I lost a lot of respect for for banning lolita hentai. Orwell was right (as usual) when he said that all art is political and that the stance that art should be apolitical is itself political.

What this means is that a certain views are banned from gab from a platform that was supposed to be about free speech.

It’s called Hentai and it’s art. The hentai doujin artists in Japan are undoubtedly the most influential art movement in the world. Everyday millions of people draw and read their content all over the world. It is art in its truest form, pornography. It is more art than most of what passes for art in the art galleries of Europe.

Regardless of whether or not you think it is art the consequences of this are fairly self-evident. That is if the conservatives were in power in the media they would too have little scruples to set aside people’s rights for the greater good. You might say that this is a slippery slope fallacy but ideas do have a tendency to be taken to their extremes which is why one of the best ways to see if they are valid is to see what things would be like if these ideas were applied in their extremes. Just look at the history of Christianity. Nobody expects the inquisition.

Of course Gab has a right to censor its platform. The servers on which it is hosted are not mine. But the question is, should they? As far as I am concerned they have broken their promise and as such are nothing more than another partisan platform, nay a publication. My advise to everyone is to set up their own self-hosted blogs and to just use facebook and twitter. If your account gets deleted on just create another one and always drive your readers to your own website.

What have business men ever done for us?

I pity Mark Zuckerberg. On the face of it that statement should make no sense as I am some loser who writes on some blog nobody reads whereas he is a billionaire but the reason that he is pitiable is that he seems unable to justify what he has set out to do. I won’t bother to link to those memes and articles comparing him to a robot and ridiculing him for how unconvincing he is.

His goal of making money by helping people connect to each other is a noble goal. The problem is that after a certain point it is viewed as evil to make money. I mean just look at the way that rising small businesses are viewed until they become big. Ayn Rand was right to explain that the morality of self-sacrifice, of altruism, is what has led the public’s and the intellectuals’ opinion against the businessman however how does this explain the certain admiration for the small business owner who is forging his way up in the world. The explanation is that contradicting values can exist in competition to each other in the same society.

I liked the Ready Player One movie enough that I think I might read the novel it was adapted from. I think I would have liked it a lot better if I had watched when I was younger. I know people running around with VR sets looked pretty silly but I could appreciate the hopeful sentiment behind the silliness. The relationship between the two main leads seemed very unconvincing in a nerd-fantasy way overall but on a certain level it felt very plausible.

In particular after the protagonist achieves fame, money and power how the otherwise disinterested heroine suddenly takes an interest in him. That is only once he has proved his worth to her does she have an interest in him. There is a lot of truth to the notion by MGTOWs that in society (and in dating) women are human beings and men are human doings. That is that in effect women are treated as having intrinsic value as human beings whereas men need to prove their worth as human beings through action. The problem I have with MGTOWs is that they imply that men ought to be treated as having intrinsic value or in other words without ‘doings’(i.e. without doing anything) whereas the real problem is that women are treated as having intrinsic value due to biological reasons that do not apply as strongly any more.

That is, it made sense for women to be regarded as having intrinsic value and be given the de-facto gate-keeping task to reproduction when our survival as a species hinged on us pouring our limited resources to ensuring child-birth but now that capitalism (i.e. our ingenuity) has allowed us to make that task much less riskier I think it is time to acknowledge that to the extent that there is a privilege given in western capitalist society it is to most women and a few men rather than to a few women and most men. Beyond this acknowledgement I do not see a liberal (non-forceful) way of rectifying the inequality of attraction between the sexes which results in more worth being given to women.

Women too are victims of their own privilege (Yes, I know nobody likes to be talked to in this tone but I am simply repaying the favours from many a feminist) by way of being infantilized but here too no forceful manner of action (such as quotas gender quotas in workplaces) ought to be taken if we are to be consistent (which we are not because of aforementioned difference in intrinsic worth given to men and women) but regardless here the trend in the west seems to be positive fortunately as the widespread academic failure(i.e. failure is what academics and journalist like to call ‘under-achievement’) of young men matched with a culture obsessed with academic credentials as an indirect way of gauging ability and a government keen on increasing availability of slightly cheap student loans as a way to keep unemployment figures down (if Tory but mainly for ideological reason of ‘no child left behind’ if Labour) and an international industry of degree mills who have lowered the bar to entry for the social sciences in particular to a dangerous extent.

There was one element that detracted a lot from the story. And that element would be the villain who is a businessman and the side-plot about how the creator of the virtual reality game in which the story took place wanted to keep his pop-culture heaven free of financial interest. My main interest is anime so I am vaguely aware of the many unsavoury tactics such as rampant micro-transaction that gaming companies use to make money. I play some video games but I am not ‘a gamer’ or in other words an hardcore gamer. I could understand the wish that the creator of the vr game to not want to let greed detract from the enjoyment to be had from the game and I could certainly understand the adult corporate villain who could not comprehend the value of pop-culture beyond anything more than a tool to make money and power in the real world however there seems to be a contradiction. Obviously the question of how was the whole thing viable if it was loosing money comes to the fore but the aspirational thinking is the main thrust and not the wish-thinking so lets let that slide. By aspirational thinking as opposed to wish-thinking I mean that it is more of an homage to pop culture for those who are into it rather than a manifesto for how things ought to be – in fact the whole thing is set in a dystopian future. The contradiction comes to the fore when the creator remarks that reality is the only place where one can have a good meal as opposed to all the fantasy worlds which he had created out of pop-culture. Basically, what do you need to have a good meal? Money. If not then how is this nothing more than wish for the real world to be a fantasy by the part of the creator. The protagonist kind of bridges this contradiction by having money, a relationship and becoming the owner of this game world along with his mates.

By the way, just a friendly reminder that there is no moral obligation to dignify the Orwellian linguistic torture by feminists and other social engineers by using terms like ‘business person’ instead of businessman. Focus on the ideas rather than how they are told. Not because words don’t matter but because they matter too much to let them be disfigured by politics.

Tide in. Tide out.

“There is no such thing as the right.” –The Academic Agent

AA is correct. The left exists on a spectrum because they all fundamentally have the same ideal in mind. The right not so much. If you take Thatcher’s ideas a bit further to their extreme will you end up with some American Christian conservative. If you took a Christian conservatives ideas to their extreme would you get Hitler? No. The right is just whoever happens to be against the left at the moment.

The dems won. Hopefully this will ensure that all political action is stalled which is exactly what the wise men who set up this system set it up for. Leaving the sideshow of the international theatre of politics aside let’s talk about something more important.

Well, more important to me. Loneliness.

Normie Propaganda

I am currently reading a novel called Elanour Oliphant and I. It is about Elanour, a lonely woman and her journey towards not being alone. There is something very craven about this story which leads me not to like it. There is a plot but I couldn’t care less about it and the dialogue is atrocious. Fortunately there is very little plot and dialogue as most of the book consists of the thoughts of the main character.

The interesting part of the novel is just to see how Elanour will react in differently to ordinary circumstances. The cravenness comes off mainly from the author implying through Elanour’s own justifications that Elanour’s viewpoint is wrong. Simply put her justifications seem unconvincing. To put it bluntly, it feels like the author is trying to say, ‘Oh how could anyone enjoy being alone look at this silly childish woman lying to herself.’ Basically even the title implies ‘Elanour Oliphant is fine’ implies that ‘Elanour Oliphant is not fine’ and this could be taken as far as the notion that ‘lonely people are not fine.’ Of course I am sure that if asked about this the author might just simply reply that it’s ‘‘not all’ lonely people’ and conveniently forget to add ‘but many err…actually most.’

The otherwise cynical protagonist almost seems to be out of character often saying silly things about romantic love and fate that one would normally find in a romance novel for women. I suspect that this might be because later in the book the entire notion of romantic love is thrown out of the window in favour of some infantilising Dickensian-never-land-ending (Note to Anglos: I added ‘never-land’ because Americans don’t know what a Dickensian ending is like. Note to Americans: A Dickensian ending is like a Hollywood happy ending except with less kissing and implied sex and more children and relatives, I know it sounds even more awful and rushed).

Simply put, the story constantly begs the question ‘why would any one have a mind of their own and confront another individual instead of seeking easy comfort in a group by going along with the flow of thoughtless conformity?’ and I find this annoying because it is so one-sided towards the side I oppose. Normally books, pop-culture and literary novels in particular venerate the lonely person and many including myself read them as a form of self-affirmation when doubt surrounds you( read me) from all other directions away from yourself(read myself) and your(read my) books. And yet with this book the author manages to bring that outside world into that peaceful cave that this reading by portraying how a (paranoid) lonely person thinks others see him as. Also I may be reading a bit too much into this but I also found a ‘why doesn’t society(i.e. other people) do something (i.e. haemorrhage their money) in order to help these poor lonely helpless people’ message as well. In short, lonely people aren’t helpless and trying to indenture them with ‘help’ is counterproductive and leads to learned helplessness and a misplaced sense of entitlement for other people’s attention.

Free Writing #1: Male Sexuality, Anime Romantic Comedies, Aesthetics>Ethics, Mozillattic

I feel hungry so this post won’t be that long.

I may be an Objectivist. There is no reason that I should owe others anything by default. I didn’t ask to be born and I will live for only a few decades anyway.

Lying is a tool for the weak. I mean if you were powerful enough to always say and get away with it then you wouldn’t need to lie. By those standards many powerful people are pretty week as the mob they lead may turn on them.

I think I am going to write a bunch of Rom Com Manga reviews. Unfortunately however I doubt I can keep myself to a single topic so I will also write these ‘free writing’ posts..

For Whom the Dong Tolls; It Tolls For Thee

I have recently come to the conclusion that for the foreseeable future I do not want to get into a relationship. It would be hyperbolic to say that traditional marriage is itself a form of prostitution as marriage is a lot more personal and involved – the stakes are higher than a simple financial transaction. The implication is that in both cases a man is exchanging his hard earned money in exchange for sex from a woman. If the availability of sex is the primary  reason for a man to enter into a relationship then I would argue that that man is making a very bad investment. Prostitution seems to be more financially viable option in that case. I might hasten to add that if the stigma towards sex workers is to be removed entirely, as it ought to be, then by that same logic those who pay them for their services should also be de-stigmatized. There apparently isn’t such a word as ‘de-stigmatized’ but you get the point. Am I such a man? Yes for the time being my priority is to secure a means for fucking. Do not misunderstand me I do not say that love is a delusion but rather my point is that fucking is worth for its own sake with or without love. Of course sexual activities can and do serve to bring two people together and the exclusivity that monogamy provides promotes a special bond between couples (or at least I assume so) given that partners are able to share something with each other that they do not with others. However to me the need for it to be ‘special’ via monogamous sex is nothing more than a sign of insecurity and proper love should still manage to remain special even without being so explicit about it – after all monogamy is not that special after all.

I can’t speak for women but for men like me I can. The first time I fell in love the one I had fallen to seemed like such an exceptional individual and yet later without there being a eureka moment I realized that the characteristics and features that I liked about her were there in many other people. Some Greek or Roman is supposed to have said that the male libido is like being chained to a mad man. I have never being chained to a mad man so I cannot attest to the accuracy of this metaphor however I would argue that increasing the availability and the social acceptability for prostitution should at least dampen the consideration for sex in an actual relationship. Or in other words if the availability for sex was not a major concern for men then there would be more space for other factors, including love, on the tray. Yes, it is true that women are more willing to have sex generally thanks to the pill however this incentives men to deceive women in order to get sex whereas an honest exchange of sex for money would be preferable even honourable like Adam Smith’s baker (although Smith may not agree with his own logic when it is inconvenient).

Manga Romantic Comedies

I have noticed that people, well us weebs are people too presumably, have a tendency of obsessing over the romantic relationships between fictional characters even when there isn’t any suggestion on screen of there being any. I find this annoying sometimes. For example, and this is out of weeb culture, a lot of female Sherlock fans wanted there to be a sexual tension between Holmes and Watson which ruined the image of the canon Holmes and Watson who were usually distant from each other but cared about each other. Manga and anime take this to a whole new level with long stories which are nothing more than cocktease for the audience with the two main characters constantly bumping into each other and yet being prevented to make any progress by either other characters or the plot artificially cockblocking the two main characters for more than a hundred chapters thus keeping the hype and the speculation about how the relationship might end up in stasis for as long as possible. I hate this too, and yet I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t attracted to this sort of formula. For a time I only watched slice of life anime romantic comedies but then other things like giant robots, space ships et cetera that anime and manga have to offer caught my attention. I believe I have now exhausted what anime has to offer outside of romantic comedies so it is time for me to return to my comfort zone.

Wilde Aesthetics

Even when I watched things not related to romantic comedies I relished the few moments where I could see its elements peppered in. So rather than looking for it indirectly I think it is time to go for it specifically. I fear that I might end up not enjoying any of it because it has been many years and I have changed and so have my tastes. Oscar Wilde said something approximating that ethics is what makes life possible at all and that aesthetics is what makes life enjoyable and while he said it in a more refined way that I can’t remember that does sound like such an Oscar Wilde thing to say. Wilde may or may not be implying that if aesthetics and ethics were in the same hierarchy that would mean that aesthetics would come on top at a higher level but regardless of Wilde’s thoughts on the matter, I would argue that aesthetics are indeed on a higher level than ethics. This doesn’t mean that one can disregard ethics but rather that the reason to follow ethics at all is among other less important things like duty and tradition in order to secure the existence of aesthetics.

Open Sauce

I am using firefox again but I don’t like how they dropped support for a ton of add-ons with firefox quantum. Speaking of open source software I dislike the way in which Gutenberg is being forced upon the wordpress community despite the plugin having a rating of less than 2.5. Hopefully wordpress will not lose as badly as firefox did. For now I will just use the classic editor plugin which actually doesn’t get in the way of the writing process unlike gutenburg which looks like something for a micro-blogging or social media website where users make posts via mobile rather than on desktop.