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This site is a collection of writings and thoughts about anime, politics and other topics by me, Otaking. Rather than just post stuff over various social media sites which might shut down at any moment, I thought it would be opportune to have most of my content on a simple site like this which I can back up and move elsewhere whenever I want. I don't really care about contradicting myself as I am more curious about what I'll come up with.

If you like what you see, let me know on the [BBS] text-board, and I might share an invite link with you to join the SOS Brigade 2 discord server.

I also run  [The Good Student YouTube Channel], where I post audio conversations I have with members of the SOS Brigade 2 server about the topics I discuss on this site, lately it has been mostly anime with other topics interespersed within those anime discussions.

I am also working on a copyleft visual novel project examining the ideas of the reactionary right with members of the SOS Brigade 2, with [ThoughtAgent] in particular.

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