Free Writing #1: Male Sexuality, Anime Romantic Comedies, Aesthetics>Ethics, Mozillattic

I feel hungry so this post won’t be that long.

I may be an Objectivist. There is no reason that I should owe others anything by default. I didn’t ask to be born and I will live for only a few decades anyway.

Lying is a tool for the weak. I mean if you were powerful enough to always say and get away with it then you wouldn’t need to lie. By those standards many powerful people are pretty week as the mob they lead may turn on them.

I think I am going to write a bunch of Rom Com Manga reviews. Unfortunately however I doubt I can keep myself to a single topic so I will also write these ‘free writing’ posts..

For Whom the Dong Tolls; It Tolls For Thee

I have recently come to the conclusion that for the foreseeable future I do not want to get into a relationship. It would be hyperbolic to say that traditional marriage is itself a form of prostitution as marriage is a lot more personal and involved – the stakes are higher than a simple financial transaction. The implication is that in both cases a man is exchanging his hard earned money in exchange for sex from a woman. If the availability of sex is the primary¬† reason for a man to enter into a relationship then I would argue that that man is making a very bad investment. Prostitution seems to be more financially viable option in that case. I might hasten to add that if the stigma towards sex workers is to be removed entirely, as it ought to be, then by that same logic those who pay them for their services should also be de-stigmatized. There apparently isn’t such a word as ‘de-stigmatized’ but you get the point. Am I such a man? Yes for the time being my priority is to secure a means for fucking. Do not misunderstand me I do not say that love is a delusion but rather my point is that fucking is worth for its own sake with or without love. Of course sexual activities can and do serve to bring two people together and the exclusivity that monogamy provides promotes a special bond between couples (or at least I assume so) given that partners are able to share something with each other that they do not with others. However to me the need for it to be ‘special’ via monogamous sex is nothing more than a sign of insecurity and proper love should still manage to remain special even without being so explicit about it – after all monogamy is not that special after all.

I can’t speak for women but for men like me I can. The first time I fell in love the one I had fallen to seemed like such an exceptional individual and yet later without there being a eureka moment I realized that the characteristics and features that I liked about her were there in many other people. Some Greek or Roman is supposed to have said that the male libido is like being chained to a mad man. I have never being chained to a mad man so I cannot attest to the accuracy of this metaphor however I would argue that increasing the availability and the social acceptability for prostitution should at least dampen the consideration for sex in an actual relationship. Or in other words if the availability for sex was not a major concern for men then there would be more space for other factors, including love, on the tray. Yes, it is true that women are more willing to have sex generally thanks to the pill however this incentives men to deceive women in order to get sex whereas an honest exchange of sex for money would be preferable even honourable like Adam Smith’s baker (although Smith may not agree with his own logic when it is inconvenient).

Manga Romantic Comedies

I have noticed that people, well us weebs are people too presumably, have a tendency of obsessing over the romantic relationships between fictional characters even when there isn’t any suggestion on screen of there being any. I find this annoying sometimes. For example, and this is out of weeb culture, a lot of female Sherlock fans wanted there to be a sexual tension between Holmes and Watson which ruined the image of the canon Holmes and Watson who were usually distant from each other but cared about each other. Manga and anime take this to a whole new level with long stories which are nothing more than cocktease for the audience with the two main characters constantly bumping into each other and yet being prevented to make any progress by either other characters or the plot artificially cockblocking the two main characters for more than a hundred chapters thus keeping the hype and the speculation about how the relationship might end up in stasis for as long as possible. I hate this too, and yet I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t attracted to this sort of formula. For a time I only watched slice of life anime romantic comedies but then other things like giant robots, space ships et cetera that anime and manga have to offer caught my attention. I believe I have now exhausted what anime has to offer outside of romantic comedies so it is time for me to return to my comfort zone.

Wilde Aesthetics

Even when I watched things not related to romantic comedies I relished the few moments where I could see its elements peppered in. So rather than looking for it indirectly I think it is time to go for it specifically. I fear that I might end up not enjoying any of it because it has been many years and I have changed and so have my tastes. Oscar Wilde said something approximating that ethics is what makes life possible at all and that aesthetics is what makes life enjoyable and while he said it in a more refined way that I can’t remember that does sound like such an Oscar Wilde thing to say. Wilde may or may not be implying that if aesthetics and ethics were in the same hierarchy that would mean that aesthetics would come on top at a higher level but regardless of Wilde’s thoughts on the matter, I would argue that aesthetics are indeed on a higher level than ethics. This doesn’t mean that one can disregard ethics but rather that the reason to follow ethics at all is among other less important things like duty and tradition in order to secure the existence of aesthetics.

Open Sauce

I am using firefox again but I don’t like how they dropped support for a ton of add-ons with firefox quantum. Speaking of open source software I dislike the way in which Gutenberg is being forced upon the wordpress community despite the plugin having a rating of less than 2.5. Hopefully wordpress will not lose as badly as firefox did. For now I will just use the classic editor plugin which actually doesn’t get in the way of the writing process unlike gutenburg which looks like something for a micro-blogging or social media website where users make posts via mobile rather than on desktop.

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