Free Writing #4 : Shounen Fast Food

I wasted the entire day trying to and failing to install a linux distro on virtual box. That’s what linux and open source is for right.

MMO fantasy

The main character from MMO Junkie is way too innocent for me to take her seriously. It is highly unlikely for there to be such a beautiful woman as the MC in her thirties who doesn’t know the power of her beauty.

I hate dramatic irony in general and more so in love triangles when it is obvious who will get together and who

Loli detective

I think the only thing interesting about Gosick is watching that Japanese guy suck up to that blonde haired loli. A similar but better loli detective anime would be Heaven’s memo but that goes nowhere in the end hinting there is more. It kind of reminded me of the Backerstreet boys.

Shounen trash

I am enjoying watching Black Clover a bit. Of course it is all bullshit and the main character is just over powered but the fantasy that a weak man could level his way up is very appealing. It is so obvious that the that girl who called the MC an insect will soon start begging for his cock in a couple of episodes. Frankly it would be more fun if the struggle lasted a bit longer without degenerating into static harem which I can already say it will. I can’t almost blame Black Clover for giving us what we want blatantly without any pretensions like in My Hero Academy or whatever it is called. In the end it is trash and I only watch it because that is what we are watching at uni.

The dub of free is apparently awful. Now we are on that episode where some guy obviously does get drowned. Obvious Cliffhanger is an obvious cliffhanger. Watching anime with others once a week is much more enjoyable than binging it all by myself. I get it’s the feeling of those around getting the point that you what makes communal experiences so validating. Both the loli detective and free were boring.

One thing that can destroy a Shounen trash series is too much exposition. That Mahouka comes to mind (You know that loseces series with Jesus Tatsuya – Incest is only wincest if it blossoms into a romnatic relationship). Oh god this episode of MHA is so slow. That mother really looks like she hasn’t got a life beyond being a mother. I am not a feminist but I can see

I hope that Kacchan doesn’t become a good guy like Vegeta. Although I like Vegeta I can’t see any more character development insight for him.

Sometimes I like the smell under my nails. I can’t be the only one to I wonder why I like it.

How does the left see biases in race and gender everywhere but are somehow blind to the leftwing bias in Academia, the media, the tech sector and government? I guess it is because the shoe doesn’t the other side and because the left sees as it all being determined by circumstances rather than an individual’s thoughts.

Personally I think that MHA should stop trying to address the issue of favouritism because it is obviously present and nobody would care about it unless it was brought up. I hope that next episodes’ fight lasts for least a couple of episodes. I really liked the extra long fight in the Freeza saga.

The series about the human body with cute platelets is soon running out of gimmicks to impress its audience and its getting boring. This is the kind of series that is more suitable to a couple of 1+ hours movies with good production values a year. David Production has done a good job though. I don’t like JoJo because that too seems to be about gimmicks also it must be said dislike the character designs for the men in JoJo. The memes are shit tier too. Except the To Be Continued meme. The romance between the red blood cell and the macrophage seem to be going nowhere. The expository narrations by the woman bad are not that bad but I am not reading them.

I really like the idea of an underground based repelling the attacks from above. Basically EVA. Check out Gear Fighter Dendoh too for another. Anyway this is sort of what happens in the body anime, Cells at Work too.

A more accurate cartoon personifying the inside of the body is that french series I can’t remember but the lives of the cells all feel a lot more meaningless. It’s not a comedy but it is for children. I wonder what the manga of Cells at Work looks like. I believe it should look amazing although I haven’t checked it out because the anime is so episodic and without much of an overarching plot. I can only hope that there will be a build up of a couple of episode to a biig disease. As someone with pollen allergy this episode was an accurate presentation of what a clusterfuck it is.

Anyway my battery is running out. Actually that fucking terminator drug was not a gimmick that I expected though not as much as the sneeze rockets, It really was the end of the world. Lol I am the only one laughing and I am writing. Obviously is the others who have no taste. Fuck only 7% of the battery is left. My cheap laptop’s battery has gone to shit though it took longer than the

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