To Sneed or Not To Sneed

Submitted by The Good Student on Sat, 03/05/2022 - 09:13

I am starting to think that the only things YouTube is useful for are the music and tutorials ever since they took down all that anime.

Here's the thing, I was reading ThatAnimeSnob's sneed review of G Gundam, and I couldn't help but think, what's the point? Did he really learn anything that he didn't already know? I guess he enjoyed himself while he wrote it. But for how long did that joy last? Not for very long, I would bet.

"Like it, find a way to like it, or leave it." Those are the words that have been going through my mind lately.

The internet has become an incubation chamber for people's petty rancour, jealousies and related self-loathing re-branded as "criticism."

Everyone, obviously not literally everyone, is more concerned with (logical) purity of action, to get anything done. For example Randian objectivists waste their time counting one's beads, repeating the words of their idol like a Buddhist mantra when really they should be following her example, they should be writing more and longer romance novels, and worry about whether this art fits into their models of thinking later.

By the way the reason why the Objectivists are hated and made fun of by everyone is because they remind every other self-important group their own silliness and irrelevancy. For this reason I hope that there will always be Objectivists around. They are an endangered species. 

Everyone is just standing still watching everyone else, like some sort of Demented Mexican Standoff, ready to project criticism on anyone who dares to take a step in any direction.


Demented Mexican Standoff is pretty accurate. Between action and reaction, it's best to be the one simply acting, this is probably why someone like Evola put so much emphasis on being an independent actor not tied to the temporary contingences of the present. For this reason the whole reaction to Ukraine has been embarrassing as everyone gets tied up in new talking points and forgets about what was supposed to be vital. It's also very sad how they took down all the anime.

Yes it is very sad. I have been wondering whether if small groups with the same sense of humour just become containment chambers and bottlenecks for growth too. Like rather than having your own take on anything you just repeat whatever little irrelevant corner you are in says, whereas if it were something genuine coming from the heart rather than something catered to ears of whatever little literary circle you are in, then it would have a greater potential. It's like when marxists start using Marxist jargon as if to say "*wink* *wink* I am one of you guys, do not doubt me."