Fate Apocrypha Ending Thoughts.

Submitted by The Good Student on Sat, 01/29/2022 - 08:48

The ending of Fate Apocrypha was surprisingly alright if you ignore the fact that the Romance between Jeanne D'arc and Sieg kinda came out of nowhere, and obviously ignore the plot-holes too. It's le urban fantasy. If they had focused on fewer characters more this series could have been alright. Also as I said the jack the ripper arc was too long, the loli was probably the worst character (sorry kino) cause her all character arc was "think about the chilens" "won't you think about the chilens." The cat girl who cared about the children had the worst possible design (I just couldn't take this character with cat ears and two hair colours seriously). The classes (saber, lancer, """ruler""") were completely meaningless and servants  seemed to be able to pull abilities out of their arses as the plot required... Especially Assasin (Empress of Assyria) was totally over-powered and made the "Assasin" role meaningless by being a superpowerful mage with a flying fortress lol. 

The protagonist himself came to have the abilities of several servants which again makes the whole thing about having different classes useless. 
Also since there was one character of each of class on either side, this made the classes even more meaningless. At least the loli vampire assassin acted like an assassin until she used her stupid noble phantasm. Where the hell did Shakespeare get Gilles from to show Jeanne?
Vlad's character was okay until they pulled muh Dracula corny bullshit. He just wasn't interesting cause his motives to get the grail were so petty.
I don't get why the priest Kotomine turned out to be a servant? And how was he able to have so many servants of his own at full-power if he was just a servant himself?
I did like some of the dialogue between the villain/priest/servant and J'eanne at the end but that's about it.
They tried to make the action scenes look cool but it just looked like pretty colours, it wasn't clear what was happening sometimes, not well choreographed battles?