The Joy Of Painting

Submitted by Fahrenheit on Sat, 04/02/2022 - 22:56
The Joy Of Painting

It is not very often that I find the chance to paint something, but when I do I find that the exercise has always been worthwhile.

There is no expectation when painting or even ideas of higher purpose, the activity of painting stands on its own and requires no explanation or justification. My paintings are poor, and I would also consider myself to be a poor artist but when painting, the quality of the product is irrelevant. Painting begins and ends when the activity is started up to the paint of completion.

The frustrations one may feel when a technical project falls flat are not felt when painting, a mistake when painting is simply something to be rectified with more painting, this is literally the case with acrylic painting where mistakes can be painted over. If painting is frustrating, then you are not approaching it correctly.

Painting offers an insular world, where you can make anything and where the possibility of abject failure is minimal. Painting is a meditative, relaxing activity where one pays more attention to the smell of the paint than the stresses of the day. Painting is cheap, sometimes free and with a little effort will allow you to produce work easily surpassing the sum of its parts, painting is an activity of creation.

The enjoyment one feels from painting does not decay over time and as one’s abilities heighten; genuine beauty can emerge. Any number of materials and surfaces can be painted on, and when augmented by little more than a single shade of paint, offers a most agreeable way of being.

Painting captures romantic ambition and this feeling is often the root cause for why people stop painting, painting is a simple activity at first and is not to be corrupted with one’s delusions of grandeur, you will create bad paintings and may continue doing so for the rest of time but in doing so will learn the extent of your abilities.